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Sarah Campbell is Winner of Amazon’s Readers’ Favorite Award!

November 5, 2017

Book Review

Reviewed by Chris-Jean Clarke for Readers’Favorite

Sarah Campbell:Tale of a Civil War Orphan by Nancy Dane highlights the plight of Sarah Campbell. Sarah feels her world has been torn apart as she watches (from her hiding place) whilst her Ma and Pa are shot dead by Bushwhackers, stripped of their valuables, and their home looted. After the Bushwhackers have departed, a traumatized Sarah is found by her neighbor, Mr. Thomas, who travels with her to the Fort Smith Mercantile. However, he leaves her there without introducing her to anyone, just assuming she will be taken care of. Fortunately for Sarah, the kindly storekeeper contacts Chaplain Springer and arranges for her to stay at the orphanage with Mrs. Tolliver. Sarah initially believes that as soon as her older sister, Sissy, and her husband, John, discover their family’s plight, everything will be okay as they will arrange for her to live with them. She soon learns, however, that this may not be the case as the Chaplain, fearful for the children’s safety with regards to the ongoing war, has made plans for all the children to travel north to the orphanage in Illinois.

Nancy Dane has given much thought to how her main character, Sarah, would be indifferent to the rights or needs of the Rebel soldiers as she has likened their actions to the Bushwhackers, who killed her parents and destroyed their family home. However, I applaud the fact that Ms. Dane, in her creativity, refuses to let Sarah remain embittered, but instead chooses to portray her as a strong, feisty girl who is more than willing to stand up for others’rights, without worrying about the trouble she may be courting for herself. I also love the fact that Nancy Dane has included a set of study questions and activities at the end of the book which will make this a delightful educational tool for Key Stage 2 teachers when their pupils are learning about the Civil War. I truly wish this author well with this series of books.

Battle of Little Piney!

August 16, 2016



April 29, 2016

Nancy received the 2016 Susannah DeBlack Award for her children’s book Sarah Campbell, Tale of a Civil War Orphan. The award is presented by the Arkansas Historical Society for excellence in educating Arkansas youth on the state’s history.

Civil War Talk Radio Interview

December 14, 2015

Click below to hear Nancy’s interview on Voice America national Talk Radio with host Gerald Prokopowicz. The actual interview begins after 12 minutes if you want to fast forward.

Free Newspaper Serial!

May 17, 2015

Click link below to read the newspaper serial of Sarah Campbell commissioned by the Arkansas Newspaper Foundation and written by author Nancy Dane. This serial is the basis for the novel, which is much longer and fully illustrated by artist Ruth Cotner.

Coming soon, a new children’s book, William’s Story!

May 15, 2015

This is the sequel to the popular children’s story, Sarah Campbell. It is historical fiction,the backstory of Sarah Campbell’s best friend. Go with William as he experiences the Battle of Pea Ridge and the revenges of war with many adventures along the way.

New Novel Released!

May 15, 2015


Here is a review by US Senator Tim Hutchinson:
“A Reasonable Doubt masterfully succeeds as a piece of historical fiction. Nancy Dane’s depiction of post-Civil War Arkansas provides an insightful examination into the origin of past southern resentment for the Republican Party—a resentment so profound that it could persist despite other generational transformations.Nancy Dane delivers the genesis of this southern resentment in this very entertaining and provocative novel. She catches the spirit and character of the Arkansas hill people which endures to this day. Dane’s use of authentic Arkansas hill-country prose and her sturdy character development make A Reasonable Doubt a must-read for any fan of historical fiction.”

Senator Tim Hutchinson
Republican U.S. Senator (AR) (1997-2003)

Praise For New Children’s Book

May 15, 2015

Sarah Campbell, Tale of a Civil War Orphan, soon to be released, is already receiving rave reviews from teachers who have been given a sneak preview.Below is one example from a teacher in Kentucky:
“Hi Nancy! I just had to write and tell you that my students absolutely LOVE your Sarah Campbell book!!! We were talking about the Civil War and they had lots of questions about what things were like back then. I just happened to think about your book so I pulled it up on the computer and started reading it to them. Today when they came in the first thing they asked me was if we were going to read some more of the story. You should have seen them! I’ll send you a picture. Some took off their shoes and others stretched out in the floor. One little girl even pulled a pillow out of her backpack! Anyway, I read to them for about 45 minutes. I’m hoping to be able to finish it with them before Friday. One of my boys came to me and said, “You are going to have to tell me the titles of her other books. If this kid’s book is this good I want to read her real ones!”

Children’s Book Coming Soon!

May 15, 2015

Sarah Campbell, Tale of a Civil War Orphan, will be released early in 2014.The historical fiction book for children, age appropriate for upper elementary and middle school, contains study questions and activities at the back which can be used in lesson plans.Check back for actual release date.

New Newspaper Serial

May 15, 2015

In collaboration with the Arkansas Newspaper Foundation, Nancy Dane’s chapter serial Sarah Campbell:The Tale of a Civil War Orphan is now available for The Newspapers in Education Program.

To request this in your area, please contact your local newspaper.The serial is free for download from the association’s website.To cover printing costs, the association suggests that participating newspapers obtain sponsors, such as banks or libraries.For more information contact the Arkansas Newspaper Association or Nancy Dane.

Fun Drawing

May 15, 2015

To enter a drawing for an autographed copy of a novel “Like”my fanpage!

New Facebook Page

May 15, 2015

I just launched a new fanpage on Facebook.It is Nancy Dane Books.I hope you’ll check it out.Use the link below and please remember to click the like button!

Arkansas Curriculum Conference Workshop

May 15, 2015

I will be conducting a three-hour workshop at the 2012 Arkansas Curriculum Conference at the Peabody Convention Center in Little Rock, Nov 9th,at 8:00 AM

The conference is giving a copy of Where the Road Begins to each registered participant attending the session.Please help spread the word to educators.Hope to see many of you there!

Arkansianan Award!

May 15, 2015

The Tattered Glory Series is winner of the 2011 Arkansas Library Association

Newspaper Serial

May 15, 2015

In collaboration with the Arkansas Newspaper Foundation, a condensed version of book one, Where the Road Begins, has been selected for the Newspapers in Education Program and is now appearing as a chapter serial in newspapers statewide.

High Praise for Tattered Glory

May 15, 2015


“In this well-researched volume Author Dane has included letters from soldiers and officers, thumbnail sketches of major Confederate and Yankee commanders, telegraph reports, and photographs. …. Any Southerner interested in this part of Confederate history should include this volume in the library”a short excerpt from review by Ann Rivers Zappa in Jan. 2011 issue of Confederate Veteran magazine.

A Long Way to Go —Book Three in the Tattered Glory Series —now available for sale!

May 15, 2015

A Long Way to Go

The new books are in! This is the long-awaited third book in the Tattered Glory series, and it’s available for sale in our bookstore here.

At 316 pages, this is the biggest book so far, and some people say the best one yet.Some sample reviews are listed below.

Nancy will be back on the road soon, talking about the history reflected in her novels, and signing the new books. Watch our “Appearances”page to find out where and when!

Praise for “A Long Way to Go”

In A Long Way to Go, Nancy Dane explores the harrowing experiences of Arkansas civilians during the
Civil War. This book does not focus on big battles, but on the daily struggle to survive with little food
and the threat of renegade gunmen. The story of Dane’s Loring family reflects the hard reality of the
real war in Arkansas.
Mark Christ
Author of “Civil War Arkansas 1863:The Battle for a State”

In A Long Way To Go Nancy Dane personalizes the American Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi, making
the reader a participant not a spectator. This is war as people lived it. Historically accurate, the book
captures the lives of real people in real situations, a gripping experience for the reader.
James Durney
Amazon and national TOCWOC book reviewer

Masterful storyteller Nancy Dane does not disappoint in the third book of her Civil War series, A Long
Way to Go. Every bit as realistic and gripping as the first two, we follow the life and death adventures
of Elijah Loring and his new wife Cindy as they face the harsh brutality of life in the midst of war.
Hardships and heartache are survived with unending faith, gritty courage, and optimism.
Andrea Romo
President 2006-2008, Arkansas Council for the Social Studies

A Difference of Opinion has been nominated for the Michael Shaara Award for the best Civil War novel of 2009!

May 15, 2015

aeu Audio

We are very excited to announce that Nancy Dane’s latest novel,
“A Difference of Opinion,”has been nominated for the 2010 Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction

The Prize is presented by Jeff Shaara and the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College.The Prize consists of an annual award of $5,000, and is given for the finest work of fiction on the era of the American Civil War. In 1997, Jeff Shaara, the critically acclaimed best-selling author established The Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction to “encourage fresh approaches to Civil War fiction,” and named it in honor of his father, the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Killer Angels.

More praise for Nancy’s work

May 15, 2015

“Tattered Glory is the title of a project series of four books that follow an extended family from 1861 through 1865.The farmers of the Loring family, the subject of Where the Road Begins, live in the hills well out of town.They follow their friends and neighbors into the Confederacy.The Horton family, the subject of A Difference of Opinion, live in town, publish the local newspaper, and back the Union.Related by marriage, they have little in common, existing in an uneasy, unspoken truce.This division allows the author to explore the experiences of a rural family supporting the Confederacy and a Unionist family living close to town.Each book is independent of the other.Each book is the first book about the family’s experiences from 1861 to 1863.Each book has the story line presented from a different viewpoint, producing a different reading experience.While the reader will know something is going to happen, the author never becomes repetitious.The common incidents are presented from a different viewpoint and produce a different reaction.This is not a story twice told!The families have very different experiences and see very different places.”
James Durney
TOCWOC-A Civil War Blog

“Nancy Dane, a resident of the Ozarks (and mother of four, grandmother of 12), has compiled a valuable non-fiction book, Tattered Glory:A Documentary Civil War History of the Arkansas River Valley. It’s a compilation of official records, diary entries, and photos of the Civil War experience in primarily Johnson and Pope Counties in Arkansas. Then Nancy went a step farther—a giant step, actually. She wrote a novel, Where the Road Begins, based on her research for the non-fiction volume. She created characters that seem to have actually been there in the Ozarks when the Civil War got started. Their dialogue is in “hill speak,” a language some of our relatives still use today.She carried the story of those characters into a second novel, A Difference of Opinion. This one focuses on the conflict between Northern and Southern sympathizers. Nancy uses romance and mystery with strong characters to tell her stories.”
Desmond Walls Allen
Arkansas Genealogical Society Ezine

“Nancy Dane’s novel, Where the Road Begins, reads like a lost dispatch or an actual diary kept during the war.”
Tom Wing
Assistant Professor of History
University of Arkansas Fort Smith

“Dane weaves romance, mystery, and tragedy into the novel Where the Road Begins, portraying the life of a hardworking Ozark Mountain family during the Civil War.The author’s portrayal of the hardships faced by soldiers in both armies is the best I have read.The horror of battle will grip the reader and leave a lasting impression.”
Fritz H. Ehren, Ed.D.
President Emeritus
University of the Ozarks

“I bought four copies of Where the Road Begins at Christmas last year to give as gifts to all of my siblings.I felt that some of our family history was captured in that book, and I wanted all of them to read it.It was a big hit.One of my brothers told me he had difficulty putting it down.”
Andrea Romo
Past President
Arkansas Council for the Social Studies

Praise for “A Difference of Opinion”

May 15, 2015

“A Difference of Opinion captures the Civil War through the eyes and heart of Nelda Horton, a young woman who chooses a life-threatening course in this conflict.A novel you won’t set down until the final curtain falls.”
Dusty Richards
Two time Spur Award winner
Author, The Horse Creek Incident and Texas Blood Feud

“Nancy Dane successfully sequels her first novel with a stimulating tale of reconciliation amidst the adversity of war among brothers.A captivating and intriguing read!”
Rick D. Niece, Ph.D.
President, University of the Ozarks
Author, The Side-Yard Superhero

“I finished A Difference of Opinion. Well, you had me firmly entrenched into this book just as much as the first novel.You are a masterful storyteller.Your characters are real and engaging, even when they aren’t likable.You’ve captured the setting with rich detail.I used to tell my students to turn on the TV in their heads when they read so they could visualize the words.Oh, my, was my little TV forming images!!I can hardly wait for your next book.”
Andrea Romo
Past President 2006-2008
Arkansas Council for the Social Studies

“The book was so filled with twists and turns…there were times I wanted to scream at Nelda for being dense and then there were times I wanted to be her friend and give her a much needed hug. Another main character, Allen, immediately won me over with his rugged, mountain charm. I could see the families described living up in the mountains. They could have easily been MY family. I found myself switching back and forth from a Union Sympathizer to a Confederate Rebel on a regular basis. I could very much see both sides of the story and how hard it would be to be living in that time and making those choices..”
Erin at A Glimpse of Pink

Thank you for your interest! Contact Nancy.